Day 5 of 7: “Love ur Spouse Challenge”

Andi OS 263

I was nominated by Ika Angelina to post photos with my wife for 7 days & to tag 4 people each day to keep the celebration of love and the promotion of traditional marriage going…

This picture was taken somewhere in Germany back in August 2007. It was God’s gift for us, to be able to travel together for the first time as husband and wife, and it’s like our honemoon:)

I was invited to speak at a Youth Conference at Bechterdissen, and she can go along. Two weeks before our departure, we just knew that she was pregnant, and a week after that, my wife had some bleeding. But, by His grace, we finally can go, and came back safely and sound, and this was our journey of faith. April 9th 2008, our first daughter born, and we gave her middle name “FAITH: Full Assurance In The Heart “. To God be the glory!

Thank you Sara Hein-Janzen and Arthur for hosting us in your beautiful house:)

Today, I challenge my dear friends: Bryant Doddy Julietta Agrana Sinulingga Hendry Tarigan Troy Landis to do the same…😉😘
Please accept my challenge… is overwhelming😉😉

The more the merrier…



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