Day 6 of 7: “Love ur Spouse Challenge”

Foto Chiandios2

I was nominated by Ika Angelina to post photos with my wife for 7 days & to tag 4 people each day to keep the celebration of love and the promotion of traditional marriage going…

This picture was taken in our big day. The day when we both said “YES I DO” to each other. By His grace, we have been walking with Him to enable us to love each other until now, it’s not in perfection, but in grace alone. We learn to love each other everyday, in our strength, in our weakness, in our limitation, but in perseverance and unending grace. Marriage is not easy but possible.

“A journey of an everlasting marriage, begins with a step of faith” ~ ‪#‎TheChiandiosUnited‬. This quote was written in our wedding invitation, special inspired by Him alone, the Creator of Marriage.

Special thanks to Ps. Hadi Sugianto and Cie Lisa Huang for mentoring us during those moments. We learn a lot from you. Also GKT Hosana Bumi Permai, where we declared our commitment. And Gkmi Koinonia for supporting us. It’s all about Him!

Today I want to challenge my friends: Stephanus Generali Tony Haryanto Stefanus Bambang Anahida Sangguwali Kvilesjø. Please accept my challenge:) The more the merrier… 🙂



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