Day 7 of 7: “Love ur Spouse Challenge”


I was nominated by Ika Angelina to post photos with my wife for 7 days & to tag 4 people each day to keep the celebration of love and the promotion of traditional marriage going…

“A journey of an everlasting marriage, begins with a step of faith” ~ ‪#‎TheChiandiosUnited‬. This quote was written in our wedding invitation, special inspired by Him alone, the Creator of Marriage.

Accepting this challenge actually was a wonderful experience and also challenging, there were many memories came into our head and our heart. Some were beautiful, some were tough, there were many victories, there were many struggles, it’s not about who we are, it’s about how we see God has been faithful to us as a couple, and now as a parents. We learn to know Him more through marriage. It’s all about Him. Thank you Chialis Thuan Ai Chia for answering God’s call to walk with me, in this “unknown” journey. By FAITH, HOPE and LOVE alone, we are able to stand together. Love you:)


At the end of everything, marriage is a journey, and by His grace, we want to finish our journey, and we also pray that God will bless each one of your marriage my friends.



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